The following writing is from the book "How to become a humorous writer," humoristic book written by the author of Martin’s World, published in September 2013. (link)

How I met MagicoPaky

(...) I met MagicoPaky about ten years ago. It 'a magician, known to a speaking course. The first lesson I sat with a free space next to me, I invite the latecomer to occupy the vacant chair and he thanked profusely me, appreciating my kindness. At the end of the lesson we went to the bar for a coffee and for some post-lesson chat. I take a spoon, I charge it of sugar and I ask him how much sugar he needs for the coffee, I’m always kind, you know. Oh no, no, he tells me he don’t need nothing. Well, I say, you drink coffee without sugar? No, it’s again his answer, I like sweet coffee, says approaching a closed hand, placing it above the cup and, wonder, slowly opening it and pouring sugar into his coffee! Me and the bartender we were in awe!! From where jumped out that sugar? Neither of us has figured out the trick. Sure, there's the trick of any magic. The bartender asked MagicoPaky, that’s his stage name, to explain the trick but I said no, then the sense of wonder is gone. The bartender was not happy, MagicoPaky was surprised by what I just said and ... and that's how we started our friendship. To be honest I’m still curious to know the trick of sugar. Well, maybe one day I’ll ask him... mh, better no, right?!

MagicoPaky is a magician. To become magician was his dream since he was a little child. And he realized, despite the great difficulties he had to overcome, living only with the help of his dream, not worrying about all the complication that can cause such passion. (...)

MagicoPaky is, currently, one of the most popular magicians in Italy. Friend of Martin’s World, collaborating directly for the part of the manuality and creativity, he can be contacted via his personal website

Nicola             Silvia     and Magico Paky!

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